Going Slow

I recently completed In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed and found that the book isn't truly about slowing down. Sure, the words and examples provided for each area of our lives that could "slow down" are about how to technically accomplish that. But the overall result in example after example is about the joy in life that people found. It isn't really about doing something "fast" vs. "slow", it's about taking our time to evaluate what is important in our life, and learn how to make the most of each moment. It's about finding joy in our lives.

On Friday, my wife and I took 2 hours to cook a meal from scratch. We didn't end up eating until long past sundown, but the pleasure of cooking and sitting together at a table without television or other distractions to discuss our day, our week, and the future is unrivaled by many alternatives.

Take time to slow down and appreciate those around you and the little things in life that often pass us by without notice every day.