Armknecht Crest

While setting up the blog I had originally checked out Graphic Springs to create a logo for the blog myself. I played around with the various options for a while and just wasn't satisfied with what I was creating. It was then that I remembered seeing a family crest many years ago when genealogy was pretty popular.

History of "Armknecht"

I've known for sometime that our family name had German roots. It was confirmed when traveling to Germany and being told by the customs official that I have a good strong German name. But what does it mean?

"Knecht" means servant in English, and "arm" means poor. So it's easy to think that it means poor servant. But what family know as poor servants would have their own crest?

According to an Armknecht somewhere else on the internet, they learned that it was related to being a humble servant. In fact, they claim that Armknechts were armed servants of the king in the 1300's. The crest below looks to support that. On the right is an outline I made in Gimp.

Armknecht Crest Outline

Design Choices

After learning about the crest, selecting it as the blog logo was an easy choice. So what should I use as the cover photo? I figured that I'd stick with the German heritage and use a shot I took while hiking in Nationalpark Eifel with my then girlfriend and now wife, Kathy.


What's Next?

I'll need to focus on producing more content and practicing my writing skills. Let's see what the future holds!